11 Mistakes Brides Often Make on Their Wedding Day

11 Mistakes Brides Often Make on Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life, but with so much to plan sometimes important things can be forgotten. It can often be the little things that make all the difference, and with it being such a memorable moment we want you to reminisce without overthinking simple mishaps. We take a look at the mistakes brides often make on their wedding day so you can ensure to fit them into your wedding planning.

1. You Don’t Match Your Bouquet to Your Dress

Often when planning each part of your wedding day you forget to look at the bigger picture. Big bright bouquets might look out of place in front of your wedding dress and amongst your bridal party. Some flowers can even end up covering more of the dress than many brides would like. A good tip is to show your florist a picture of your wedding gown so they can create the right size and shape bouquet to suit.

2. You Forget To Eat

Lots of brides end up feeling light headed once they reach the alter because they’ve forgotten to eat. It’s so easy to spend all morning prepping without making time for some food and drink. Make sure you and your bridal party have something substantial whilst getting ready wherever you are, to avoid feeling faint in the ceremony.

3. You Overschedule Your Photographer

Of course it’s important to ensure your photographer has a list of the day’s events and a who’s who in the family, but it is also crucial to not over manage them. Remember they’ve done this many more times than you, so they know which shots look good and what you want. By over planning you miss out on unplanned shots that are essential to a great album. Make sure your photographer knows the basics of what you would like but then leave the rest in his hands.

4. You Don’t Consider Your Venue While Planning Your Décor

It’s easy to get carried away with decoration ideas however it’s important to consider your reception space when designing table layouts, lounge areas and floral arrangements. Don’t spend lots of money on décor if you already have a beautiful venue, it will only end up looking overcrowded. Pick out your favourite parts of the venue and make them your focal points.

5. You Overdo the Spray Tan

Nobody wants to look too orange or too dark after a spray tan, so if you decide you’d like one for your big day make sure to have a couple of practice times in the months before. This will allow you to find the right colour, salon and you can also gauge how long your tan will last.

6. You Buy Your Gown Before Choosing The Venue

Before booking your bridal boutique appointment, make sure you know the type of wedding you’re planning and where. Of course you can chose whatever wedding dress you love the most, however you don’t want to feel out of place in your chosen venue.

7. You Feel Obligated to Rock an Updo

Don’t feel you have to fit with traditional bridal hairstyles if it doesn’t feel natural. If you never wear your hair up, don’t feel you have to on your wedding day. Try out a few styles and chose one that you feel 100% happy with.

8. You Don’t Say Hello to Everyone

Perhaps you don’t want to do the formal post ceremony receiving line but if you decide to circulate amongst the reception tables make sure you make time to. Schedule a good time to speak to each guest and try not to get held up at one table for too long.

9. You Limit Yourself When It Comes to Wedding Dresses

Lots of brides to be have an idea of the style of dress they would like, which is great, however don’t get too stuck on one look when trying on gowns. You might surprise yourself and fall in love with a totally different shape and style. At Minster Designs we’ve got a beautiful selection of gowns in a variety of shapes and styles, so you can find the perfect one for you.

10. You Don’t Carve Out Enough Time For Hair and Makeup

The time spent getting ready with your bridal party should be fun and relaxed, but with time pressures it can easily become a little stressful. Speak to your hair and makeup pros if you have them and allocate enough time to do it leisurely. If you’re doing it yourself have a practice run through and time how long it takes. This will then ensure you have lots of time for pre wedding photos.

11. You Go Trendy With Your Makeup

It can be tempting to rock the latest trendy lipstick but years down the line you may regret it. Of course still be you but stick to make up you’re used to but make it better. Try out different looks and have practice runs with your makeup artist to ensure you’re totally happy with the outcome.

At Minster Designs we know there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your wedding day. Hopefully these often forgotten tips will help make it the wedding day of your dreams. We’re here to help at Minster Designs and we’ve got everything from the perfect bridal gown to all your bridal accessories. Make an appointment today by calling 01202 986040.

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