How To Choose Your Bridal Shop?

How To Choose Your Bridal Shop?

Your bridal shop experience should be exciting and memorable.
In fact, this day is often something brides dream about when they are young. What factors should you consider when choosing a bridal boutique? The following tips will help you choose the right bridal salon for you and maximise your shopping experience!



Make sure you do your research

Check out the latest wedding dress trends to determine which designers you like best (and which ones fit your budget), then find out which stores carry those designers in your area. Before shopping, it's a good idea to consult the website of the bridal shop to see which designers they carry. Visit their Instagram page to get some inspiration. You shouldn't discount a well reviewed, reputable bridal shop because they don't carry a certain brand if you have your heart set on it! Give the store a chance and you might find a dress you love from a designer you didn't expect.



Take a look at the reviews


Find out what people are saying about bridal boutiques in your area. Make an informed decision on which ones to visit by reading what real brides had to say about their experiences. The reviews for most shops will also contain information about their hours and appointment policies, so you can get all the information you need in one place.



Keep your budget in mind


Make sure you have a price point in mind before visiting a bridal shop. Remember to check a store's website or call ahead in advance in case they don't have gowns within your budget. Tell your stylist your maximum spend before trying on any dresses if only some of the dresses at the store are within your budget. Keeping an open mind is the best way to avoid modelling a gown that is over budget.



Bridal considerations for curvy bride


It can be stressful to shop for a wedding dress, regardless of your size or shape. Do your research and don't be afraid to ask bridal boutiques about their size selection if you are a curvy bride. Your dress size should be included, as wedding dresses are usually one or two sizes larger than your street size.



Attend A Sample Sale


Bridal sample sales allow bridal stores to discount their sample dresses for direct off-the-rack purchase. Whether you're on a strict budget, you're on a tight timeline, or you're just wanting a great deal on a designer dress, sample sales are a great choice! If you’re planning on visiting us at Minster Bridal, we have a sample sale coming up from November 22-26 in both of our locations! You can find “the one” for up to a 50% discount.


We hope this has helped you figure out this important decision, and we also hope to see you soon at Minster Bridal! Book your appointment with us now to find your dream wedding dress.