How to know when you've found your Dress

How to know when you've found your Dress


At Minster Bridal we have an experienced team of Bridal Stylists, and we all agree that no bridal shopping experience is the same. It is a very different experience for each and every bride that comes through our doors. The first thing to remember is that it is OK not to feel the high emotions that you often see on TV on shows like 'Say Yes to the Dress' and in the films. Some brides find making the decision to commit to one dress much harder than others, and that totally depends on you as a person and how decisive you are generally. 


We asked our stylist Donna, and she said "Some do feel all the emotions and know instinctively that they've found the one. Some need a little more time and often find that after a few weeks of thinking about dresses, trying on dresses and scrolling the internet there will be one dress that just sticks in their mind." 


Our stylist Carla says '" I think it all depends on what your starting point is, if you have a very clear idea of what you want and you find a dress that ticks all those boxes then it will be easier to know when you've found 'the one'. However if you start out with no clue what you want/like and are open to all shapes and styles then it naturally will be a longer process'." 


Here are our top tips to make sure you consider all the important factors in your dress decision-making process. 


1) Don't buy it just because everyone else loves it! Make sure you love the dress and how you look in the dress and you don't just love it because your mum, grandma, friend loves it. This is really important - you need to feel a million dollars on your special day. 


2) Don't buy it just because it's a bargain! It might be a beautiful dress for a great price, but is it the look you had a vision for on your day? Do you really love it or are you buying it because it's a steal? 


3) Is the dress appropriate for the anticipated weather or venue? Ultimately, it's your day and you can wear whatever you like but is a big ballgown going to be comfortable for a beach wedding in Barbados? This is an important factor to consider. 


4) Does the dress go with any planned accessories or hair dos? Are you set on wearing Grandma's necklace but the dress has a high neckline? Do you always wear your hair down but the dress suits hair up better? These are important things to consider to make sure you are 100% comfortable with your whole look on the day. 



And if you think you may have found 'the one' but were expecting a big moment like the TV shows with an overwhelming feeling and tears that didn't come, here are some signs that you may have actually found your dress 


1) If you keep comparing other dresses to it - IT'S YOUR DRESS 


2) When you try it on you don't want to take it off - IT'S YOUR DRESS


3) You can imagine wearing it on your special day- IT'S YOUR DRESS


4) It just sticks in your mind when you look at other dresses - IT'S YOUR DRESS


5) You feel excited to wear it on your big day - IT'S YOUR DRESS! 


6) And if you were looking for a sign that it's your dress - THIS IS IT!! Go and say yes to the dress!!