How to make the big ‘Yes’ decision?

How to make the big ‘Yes’ decision?

Know your bridal style 


When you try on dresses, you’ll soon find that you feel beautiful in most and this can make the decision harder. The thing to remember in this situation is that…of course you’re going to look fabulous! You’re feeling your best, your emotions are high and the dresses are all works of art. The way to help narrow it down is working out what kind of bride you want to be. Is it the pretty bride? The va-va-BOOM bride? The classic bride? You can still appreciate all the dresses for what they are and how amazing you feel but what will help you make a decision is knowing which dress will you give you the bridal look you’re going for. 


Keep your bridal wardrobe minimal 

Trying on different styles and designs is so exciting but it’s very easy to just chuck on everything under the sun and end up getting lost in the dresses. All the amazing gowns you have tried on will tend to blur into one or get lost in thought with the more you try. Just like how you found your partner, there are plenty more people in the world but you stopped looking when you found the one that made your tummy flutter, feel your best and put a smile on your face. 

 Have a go at this method to fund your gown:

 1. Find your style - Try on a variety, even if you’re unsure how it will look 

2. Find your detail - Once you have found the silhouette you’re happy with, try a variety of detailed gowns in that shape. Lace, beads, plane and from there, see which you feel is better suited to you.

 Once you have these down you know exactly what you’re looking for and can rule out most. 


Comparing dresses 


Once you’ve tried on a few dresses, you may find yourself comparing them to a particular dress you’ve already tried. Once this starts to happen… you’ve probably found the one.  



Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ no matter what stage you’re at. You may think, “I’ve only tried on a few …but I think this is my dress.” That’s okay! Lot’s of brides actually end up saying ‘yes’ to the first dress! If it’s the one, it’s the one. There’s not official rule guide to tell you whats right, only you will know. 


Block out the haters 

 This is a hard one and one of the reasons we suggest to bring as few people as possible to your appointments. A point to remember is they’ve had or will have the their moment in the style dress they prefer. This is YOUR day and YOUR dress. You’re the one wearing it and having the photos to smile about in your future. You’ll most likely regret listening to someones else’s opinion than you would, tuning into your own. The best thing to remember is, you’ll look the most beautiful when you feel your most beautiful. 


Bets of luck to all future brides on their dress hunt! Wishing you all the best, Just remember to take a minute and breath! You’ll look fabulous. 


The MB Team