Know Your Wedding Dress Necklines

Know Your Wedding Dress Necklines


Know your necklines.

When it comes to the many different styles of wedding dresses the neckline is something to really take in to consideration- here’s a quick run through of the different styles of wedding dress necklines you can chose from to wow your guests on your big day.

Just like every wedding dress silhouette, each gowns neckline is unique and flattering on different figures and for each personality. Once the journey to finding your dream dress begins you should try your hardest to make sure you keep an open mindset and try a variety of gowns on to find the fit and style perfect for you as the bride.


So lets get started;



The Sweetheart neckline



This is one of the most classical and traditional necklines. It gets its lovely name from the heart shape resemblance that sits pride of place at the top of the bodice giving you an extremely romantic line. The sweetheart is very feminine and has a subtle dip in the middle of the bodice rather than a deep plunge in to the cleavage. The dip rounds out beautifully to give your bust a great shape, making it flirty but also extremely flattering. The Sweetheart will always be a classic and is the perfect option for brides of all shapes and sizes- a very strong contender.


The V neckline



The V neckline on a wedding dress is a gorgeous blend of elegance and sophistication. Again like the Sweetheart, the V neckline is a very classical style but has a deeper plunge than that of a Sweetheart. It is one of the sexiest and slimming of the wedding dress necklines. Its a style in which you don’t need to worry about the depth of the plunge on the bust area, but if the level of plunge on a dress you love is a little too much don’t panic because most dresses can be filled in making the plunge a little more subtle.

The deep V of the plunge will a majority of the time be be held together with something called illusion tulle/net, this is to ensure the bodice keeps it shape and stays in place so you don’t have to worry about holding the dress in place, your dress should fit like a glove.


The high scoop neckline



This neckline is a classic with an updated modern day twist. The high scoop is currently trending in the bridal industry and is a lovely fresh approach to a classic style. Whilst this neckline is still effortlessly modest, it is still very youthful in its nature; It really is unique, and we just love it.


Straight-Across neckline


A modest and straight-across (its all in the name) neckline really makes a modern statement. This style is beautifully flattering and has a real simple, understated feel to it, but it still makes such a beautiful, princess statement. This neckline is a good choice for the ladies who feel as though they have a broader shoulder.


Angled neckline

The angled neckline is totally on trend at the moment, its a straight off the bridal cat walk style, and we are LOVING it! If you’re on the search for a real fashion-forward gown then this neckline is just perfect for you. This style will most likely have an illusion lace down the centre of the bodice, but if this is not for you then always ask, because to have it filled in will nearly always be an option.


Halter neckline



This is perfect for a bride who would love to show off her fabulous collarbones and shoulders. This neckline comes up high on the chest and fastens at the back of your neck. The halter is a flattering style on all body types and is a divinely sophisticated and modest neckline.


Illusion neckline



This neckline is breathtaking and extremely intricate, it will most certainly be the focal point of your beautiful wedding gown. The illusion neckline is so elegantly unique and has such a fun feel to it. Quite often the illusion lace will have a detailed lace or design placed on top of it. The illusion lace sits flush to your skin so the patterned detail on top looks as though it as been spray painted on to you. You will often find that the illusion will carry through from the front to the back, showing off the beautiful detail from all angles.


This is just to give you lovely brides an idea of what to expect to find when you start your search for your dream dress, please don’t feel like you cant ask your bridal stylist questions, it’s what we’re here for.


Lots of Love, The Minster Bridal Angels X