Making the most out of your dress shopping experience!

Making the most out of your dress shopping experience!


At Minster Bridal Boutique, we want to ensure you have the best time when shopping for your dream wedding dress, which in our eyes means no stress, and a lot of love and enjoyment from your experience.


Shopping for your dream dress is an exciting, special occasion, not just another ‘job’ to tick off your planning list; and we want to make sure this is how you feel when you leave our little heavenly boutique. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you on your way:



DO: Consider visiting a bridal boutique on a week day. Working by appointments only, means weekends get booked up very quickly. Making an appointment in the week will help to ensure you get an appointment that suits you best. If you are worried about week day appointments not coinciding with your working hours, a lot of boutiques will quite often offer late night appointments, here at Minster Bridal Boutique we offer late appointments on Thursday and Friday Evenings.


DON’T: Forget that wedding dress shops have a huge selection of many beautiful gowns at a variety of different prices, don’t let working to a budget stop you from visiting a boutique you want to visit, if you are worried, when you arrive let the stylist know the budget that you are working with and that will allow the stylist to find the perfect range for you.


DO: Remember that you never know when you will find ‘the one’, so make sure when you’re on the search for your dream dress that you have someone special with you to celebrate and enjoy the moment with you when it does happen. Equally, if you would rather do it alone, your stylist will be there to celebrate with you, we at MB most definitely do!


DON’T: Bring a large party of people along with you to your bridal appointments. Too many opinions can be confusing for you as the bride and can cloud your judgement on a dress that you love. We recommend to bring no more than 4 people along to your consultation. If on the day you are feeling a little confused from all of the opinions be sure to say something quietly to your stylist, but also try to remember, it’s your big day and your dress, if you love it then that is all that matters.


DO: Keep an open mind and try on the different styles and fits that are available to you. Sometimes it’s the dress style/fit that you were not so sure on that will end up stealing your heart once you see yourself in it. Something we always like to remind our gorgeous brides, when you search the internet and magazines for dresses you are seeing them on a different person, a person that doesnt have the same body shape as you, or the same skin tone as you, and of course they don’t have your personality, so don’t let internet pictures sway your judgement too much!


DON’T: Continue searching and looking at dresses once you have found and said YES to your dream dress. You don’t need any confusion, always remember you said YES to your dress for a special reason.


DO: Remember that the person you’re marrying, is the love of your life, and will think you look beautiful no matter what you choose, there is no wrong choice if you love it. If you feel special, amazing, and you can see yourself walking down the aisle on your big day and marrying your life long partner, then you will absolutely radiate confidence and happiness on the day. You are a beautiful bride!


DON’T: Fret and panic about losing baby weight, or those last few pounds you keep thinking you want to lose (we’re all guilty of this right!?). If you find a dress you shine in now, you will feel a million dollars when the day arrives. But if you do lose weight between saying YES to the dress and your dress arriving, don’t panic, most seamstress will be able to take a dress down by around two dress sizes, our amazing Oxana definitely can.

Just relax and enjoy ladies, it’s such a wonderful, special process. We can’t wait to meet you and join you on your beautiful journey to finding the dress of your dreams.


Lots of Love, The Minster Bridal Angels X