Martina Liana Bridal Separates : Together Forever

Martina Liana Bridal Separates : Together Forever

Martina Liana have created an innovative and stunning new separates collection allowing every bride to create a truly unique, custom couture bridal look.

We will have this new and stunning collection by Martina Liana, Separates: Together Forever. With 18 extraordinary pieces, it has never been easier for brides to create their dream bridal outfit.

The new collection came together after Martine Harris, the chief creative officer at Martina Liana, hand-picked her favourite bridal designs, and remodelled them into separate pieces, enabling you to mix and match her best-selling skirts with your choice of unique bodice. No longer will you struggle because you love the bodice on one dress but not the skirt and vice versa. With this new exciting separates collection you can customise it to your own personal taste and preference, trying a variety of options as you go, and with 77 different combinations we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Separates are the latest trend to hit bridal fashion, with both celebrities and designers wearing them for their special day. Martina Liana are also one of the first companies offering this unique style, so you will not find the same designs anywhere else in the area.

Simply choose a bodice, select a skirt, put them together and create your forever bridal look. No matter your style – boho-chic, romantic, or full-on glamorous – your dream wedding-day style is possible with Martina Liana Separates: Together Forever!

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