What To Buy a Bride-To-Be For Christmas?

What To Buy a Bride-To-Be For Christmas?

The most wonderful time of year is upon us, but how might we gift a bride to be? Of course we can’t go all the way and wrap up a gown for under the tree, so let's help you find a close second choice.



A Luxury Appointment

If your bride has not chosen a dress yet, then perhaps you can gift her a luxury appointment in our  Boutique’s. Both our boutiques in Wimborne and Chichester offer this service, making that experience a little more special and memorable. Some may say, choosing the dress is as important or exciting as the big day! But of course we can't be bias…  If you are unsure on how to gift an ‘appointment’ let us know when you’ve made the booking and we can create you a bespoke Christmas innovation for the lucky ladies, luxury treatment. We will include all the information she needs from the date, location, what’s included and how many people she can bring. 


We provide so many beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair pieces to choose from. These would make a lovey Christmas gift as they can be used again and again after the big day. A gift that is both elegant and versatile. A dazzling option for the festive season. 




In our Boutiques, you will find a selection of eye catching wedding shoes. A brand we represent is Rainbow Club. We suggest these as a gift because they are quite a special brand. They are special as you can send your shoes back to them and as a wedding gift they will dye them any colour that takes your fancy, to wear again and again. Have you got a red dress you’d like to pair with some glamorous shoes? No problem, send them to Rainbow Club. How about green, blue, black? The options are endless. 


Special Box


We have a fabulous range of wedding boxes to store dresses in after the wedding. An artistic way to treasure the gown safely for years to come. Of course your bride can get creative and store whatever she likes in these beautiful creations. 

We hope this helps you find the perfect gift for a bride to be.

All our love and best wishes,

MB Team.