Stunning customers and detractors alike, the Enzoani brand emerged on the bridal garments market in 2006. This brand unites traditional and modern styles within its unique design with flawless configurations and unrivalled fits.

Prices £2,000 - £3,500

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Based in Southern California, Enzoani brings forth a tasteful combination of classic bride fantasies and high-fashion perspectives.

The energizing sheaths and the beguiling French elegance, together with sizzling romance and intrinsic attraction, define Enzoani as a legitimate winner of the wedding industry. The Enzoani bridal garments push the pedal with their quality materials, personalized handcrafted beadings, and ebullient femininity. Kang Chun Li and his in-circle of embroidery maestros and expert artisans imbue all their efforts into creating unparalleled dream brides. Therefore, the noteworthy forms combined with Chantilly laces, organza coatings, and a delicate poise create an evergreen aesthetic and a pioneering mindset.

Enzoani connects at a deep level with all its brides, giving life to all their nuptial visions. The Enzoani Swarowsky brand will put into effect your unique and awe-inspiring romance stories. Their selection of garments is the epitome of beauty and class, through flattering fits and unique designs that express the force of your love story.

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