Madi Lane

A Madi Lane bridge comes with an innate sense of style which tells the tale of ‘girl meets dress’. Each creation features delicate appliqué and embellishments which have been skilfully placed on only the finest of fabrics.

Prices £1,600 - £2,200

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Buy Madi Lane Wedding Dresses in Chichester, West Sussex

Madi Lane gowns reveal an enduring love affair with nature, design elegance and the beautify of art. The inspiration for Madi Lane gowns is taken from the journey of life which comes through in the stunning designs of these wedding dresses.

Each dress has been created with personalisation and personality providing brides with a feminine and fitting dress for your special day.

Madi Lane is not a designer who sticks to tradition. Instead, she likes to stand out from the crowd and offer the bride an opportunity to find her “bridal self.” This offer is afforded to everyone regardless of their size, shape, and status.

A champion of women, Madi Lane has more than 20 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of wedding dresses. Supported by a team of creatives, Made lane continues to bring unique and affordable gowns to women all over the world.