Martina Liana

Martina Liana draws her creative vim and vigor from industry masters such as the Essence of Australia and her head partner, Martine Harris. Martina Liana is ebullient and self-assured, using these qualities to reflect her innate femininity that emerges from haute-couture elegance.

Prices £1,800 - £2,900

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Martina Liana is a chief player in the wedding garments market. This brand depicts ebullience and assertiveness, features that act like natural paths to your inner femininity—as such, wearing Martina Liana’s designs will contour your inner sensitivity, strong sense, and high-style elegance.

According to Martina Liana’s perspective, the perfect wedding design for a bride is one that reflects your natural style regardless of the garments you’re wearing. That’s why Martina Liana uses fragile laces and imposing tulles to create form-defining designs with convoluted strikes that skilfully make a fantasy-world bride.

Martina Liana’s customers adore classic and vintage cuts, with a sprinkle of unconventional bohemian taste. These preferences are brought to life through dense layers, astounding trains, and customized manual beading. Martina Liana’s authentic designs will imbue and set the tone of your entire wedding day, whether you’re having an opulent indoor party, an outdoor garden wedding, or a tranquil celebration on the beach. At the frontier of classicism and contemporaneity, Martina Liana’s fervent sensibility and uninhibited magnetism can build a nuptial ideal of immaculate perfection in hues of fresh white and pastel.

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